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With reference to the above subject, NAGA PRECISION TOOLING SYSTEMS is started in the year of 2001 and manufacturing CNC Toolings for Machining and turning centre , Tailor made toolings as per customer requirement & Auto Components, etc.

Our Standard

We are the best manufacturer in city.

Our company is having ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate, issued by AGQR. We enclosed herewith our Company Profile, List of Machineries & Instruments and List of Major Customers.

As far as cnc tooling is concerned, we are manufacturing Collet Chucks, Collets, Morse Taper adopters, Face mill adopters, Boring bars, Pullstuds and CNC Lathe Sleeves, etc.

As far as auto component is concerned, we are doing daily production of Nozzle body hard turning operation to Delphi-Tvs Diesel Systems Ltd, Mannur plant.

Best Workers

In Our company all workers are well trained and experienced to manufacturing standard and special toolings.

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    Naga Tool holders are made out of good quality alloy case hardening steel to provide good surface hardness and guaranteed tensile core strength of < 800 N /mm and heat treated to a good hardness of 58 - 60 HRC with a minimum case depth of 0.6 mm,for a longer durability and maintain its accuracy for many years.

    Also where the tool holder wall thickness is very small like ER16, ER16M, ER20M collet chucks,special steel and heat treatment processes are used to ensure optimum balance between core strength and surface hardness. Also care has been taken to design and manufacturing every tool holder with stringent quality checks to produce products of very high quality.



    Indicates the tolerance of diameter is difference between the real and theoretical value of the taper diameter at Minor Diameter. This Value of tolerance must always be less (negative), never more (possitive) in order to GUARANTEE a good tool holder seating at the bigger taper diameter.

    Naga is controlling AT3 dimensions by using latest technology Air electronic gauging systems,which is having three point measurement (T, M, B) for making sure that there is no concave (or) convex on the taper.



    Unsymmetrical design of the rotor (e.g. gripping groove on tool holders as specified in DIN 69871 or clamping screw on Weldon (side lock) tool holders, Eccentric ring in ER nuts).

    Unsymmetrical distribution of mass due to concentricity errors caused by manufacturing tolerance, e.g. concentricity of the tool outer diameter with respect to the taper.

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